Justin Gaffrey Expanding Artist Resume

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla – Justin Gaffrey is a well-known local acrylic and contemporary artist of Blue Mountain Beach on 30A. Justin was a chef, turned self-taught artist in 2001. He is one of the first local artist to expand his works globally. 

    Justin has evolved through his career as an artist, and leaves his admirers wanting more. Justin Made by Hand, is a collection of his vibrant palette knife paintings of florals and seascapes; along with muted tones of nests and still life. This collection is also expanding to handcrafted vessels of delectable cypress block paintings and sculptures; along with ‘Behind the Glass’ works of sheet metal paintings behind plexiglass with metal rods in textural and wash style. 

    Justin diversified his art into the contemporary style in 2013. He since has created many pieces of works that are reaching national attention. Individual pieces that have been selected are “Protection,” “Attached,” “Human Tree,” and “Suspended Torso.”

“Protection” is a 48X36 multimedia piece that represents a parent insect or butterfly, wrapping it’s offspring in a webbed cocoon. This piece is currently on exhibition at the 6th Annual Wildlife Juried Exhibition in St. Augustine, FL. This exhibition is held by the St. Augustine Art Association. 

“Attached” is a 48X60 multimedia piece that consists of graphite, nylon string, steel, and acrylic on a wood panel. It represents the strong attachments to the world and how they have a pull on us. This piece will be on exhibition at the Seventh All-Media Juried Biennial at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL. It will be on display from September 19th – November 1, 2015.  

“Human Tree” is a 6X16X108 cypress sculpture with intertwined welded steel and acrylic paint. It represents both the dark and light parts of self. While the polished exterior represents what we usually expose to the world. “Suspended Torso” is a 39X34X84 sculpture with a welded steel torso covered in acrylic paint and suspended with steel cables. It represents one being attached to the world from all directions. Both pieces will be exhibited in the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 19th Annual NO DEAD ARTISTS: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in New Orleans, LA. The exhibit will run from September 2-26, 2015. 

The juried shows are quite competitive with submissions and are judged by internationally known juries and curators. Justin is much honored to have these pieces chosen for these exclusive exhibitions. 

“These pieces truly come from my soul that embody my reasoning of truth and the human condition,” says Gaffrey. “It is a privilege to be participating with extraordinary artists from around the world. My desire is that these pieces will resonate with art enthusiasts and juries, as these works make their way to their exhibits.”

Justin’s décor and larger quantities of work have also been on show in 2015 at the Harding Art Show in Nashville; Franklin, TN Main Street Festival, Creative Textures, Northwest Florida State College; ArtHamptons Fair in Bridgehampton, NY; and “Metal, Paint, and String” Solo Exhibition, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. His work has also been accepted to SCOPE Miami Exhibition in partnership with the Sylvia White Gallery of San Francisco, CA; Red Dot Art Fair in Miami, FL, and the Houston Fine Art Fair. 

“This is a remarkable time to be a part of Justin’s career,” says Brian Wood, Gallery Director. “I have worked with him for four years and to experience the evolution of Justin’s art is inspiring. These pieces are well-deserving of the deliberation they are receiving.”

The Justin Gaffrey Gallery is located at 21 Blue Gulf Drive just off of Scenic Hwy. 30A in Blue Mountain Beach and opens from 10AM-6PM Monday-Saturday. For further information, please visit Justin’s classic website at JustinMadebyHand.com and visit the contemporary website JustinGaffrey.com