Contemporary Art Ownership

It brings me great honor to announce that the 'Out of Skin' Horse and the 'Human Tree' have been claimed by new owners in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. When I worked on these two particular pieces, I remember pouring myself into the motion of the physical work and stimulating the emotion from my soul. 

The 'Out of Skin' Horse displays the horse sprinting out of skin and unraveling it to become its true self. It is all white because I wanted to show that the horse is coming into his own pure form, and not the form the world wants him to mold into. I spotlighted the red heart inside to show how the horse is really made.

The 'Human Tree' is special for me because I love using natural materials in my art. The cypress trunk has such beauty on the outside that is polished for the world to see. I burnt the inside of the trunk to show the distinct difference between the two sides. The darkness is full and it is there inside ourselves. I then welded steel and painted it in the white acrylic and intertwined into the interiors of the burnt trunk. 

The 'Human Tree' represents embracing both the light and dark side of ourselves and becoming comfortable with both. What is inside us is both good and not so good, it is what makes us the person we are this very day. Embracing both means to be okay with ourselves and loving ourselves just the way we are. 

- Justin Gaffrey