ArtHamptons Fair Exhibition

Justin Gaffrey is a self-taught artist with a culinary back ground. He resides in Northwest Florida with his daughter on the scenic beaches of 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. He is an icon for the 30A area with his vibrant impasto style decor paintings. 

This is a website for Justin's contemporary works only. Other styles of work can be found at 

The evolution of my art is taking an uncharted course. I am now looking at how I can change and express the real me through my works. I am honored to be accepted and shown in the juried ArtHamptons Fair  in Bridgehampton, NY. The ArtHamptons fair will take place July 2nd-5th, 2015.  

Through my 15 year journey as an acrylic artist, I can see my untreated self being displayed in my contemporary works. I have welded metal rods together to show how we are all connected to each other and other living creatures. I use string in many contemporary works to relate to each other of the attachments we own in this world. Many times we want to let go, but cannot because we are still attached.  

My understanding of art has completely changed over the years. To me, my art used to be about making something that is aesthetically pleasing. In the present, Meaning Comes First and the Truth Intrigues Me. 

I hope my works speak to those of the ArtHamptons viewers and juries, a very refreshing yet raw display of the human condition. In the past, I have been apprehensive to let go of attachments, old patterns and behaviors.  I have learned through working with this style of art, to become whole, I need to embrace both the good and uncomfortable parts of self.  My aspiration is that these ideas will resonate with the viewers of the ArtHamptons Fair. 

-Justin Gaffrey